1. Ramking furniture removals has created a platform that gives online quote with instant price of how much it will cost you to move. Hence we do not recommend calls or emails for quotes. Also note that we recieve of 100 successful quotes online. So the system has been tested and its working.
2. Error resolution: If you have tried creating an online quote several times and you are getting errors, kindly send us a mail with detail instruction of the errors you encountered. One of the Ramking agents will get back to you within an hour. We recomend email than calls.
3. Yes, If you are moving a cormercial property or something our online system can not cater for.
We do not expect you not to struggle. Ramking is the first furniture removal company that customers create online quotes.
We receive over 100 successfully created online quotes daily, so the system has been tested and it's working. Please be patient and read the errors displayed on the form. Should you correct all errors, you will be joining people who are able to submit the online quote.
If errors are still there, please send us a mail with the problem you encountered. Once of the Ramking agents will reply within an hour.
1. Complete the online inventory here
2.Make payment and upload proof online here
3.You will receive an email from us approving the payment.
4.Ramking will come within an hour after receiving a payment for all sameday deliveries for local loads.
1.Search for additional item: large, medium or small. when you click the picture, it will reveal the dimension of a big item.
2.Select a similar size product. eg (For a tv stand search for a desk or table.
Please note that we can not load all possible items that are found in a house. The list would be too long and you will get tired.
No. All payment must be done prio to our trucks leaving site.
No. All payment must be done prio to our trucks leaving site.
Yes. This is our core business. We aim at arriving to the customers address in less than an hour for all local loads after we recieve payment.
We aim at coming within an hour. Recently we were able to arrive at customer in 30min.
1.All quotes are generated online. You should see the price while completing the form. Our system automatically calculates the price of moving. We also send email on submission of your inventory.
1.Do no worry about that. Ramking system automatically calculate the size of the truck is needed to load your items.
2. You can check the size of the truck on the 'track my move' here
3. We already know the size of the items you are selecting. we add up the volumes.
Yes. This is amazing. Ramking system allows you to change dates, addresses inventory and almost everything on the quote you already submited.Click here to update
You will then only have to pay for the new price.
To upload proof of payment Click here
We'll send you a confirmation of receit view email.
Once we verify your payment. One of the Ramking Drivers will give you a call, notifying you that he/she is on the way.There is no need to call or email. We already know that you have uploaded proof of payment.
Instantly. While you are filling up the form you will be seeing the price.
No, We also delivery single items and half loads nationally.
Please check our customers reviews. We have delivered many loads nationally.